Is Your Brand at Risk?

Tom McDermott – Lavinia Capital Is your brand at risk?  Have you considered how others see you? In business or online? How are you showing up?  A photograph is the fastest way to convey a message without words to represent your brand. The definition of BRAND : “A brand is …

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Beauty Needs No Mirror

Beauty needs no mirror. What exactly does that mean? I went to a women’s retreat in Belize in the beginning of March 2020, and in addition to getting this incredible photo in an amazing place, I was also gifted an essence statement from my friend Samantha Bennett.. BEAUTY NEEDS NO …

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My Favorite Photo

Why is this my favorite photo? It has elements that I love, plus I shot it on my favorite camera of all time, the Hasselblad 500cm. I took this with film, I am always looking to match the fantastic color and clarity I got from the beautiful chromes. All of …

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