Beauty Needs No Mirror

Lesley Belize

Beauty needs no mirror.

What exactly does that mean?

I went to a women’s retreat in Belize in the beginning of March 2020, and in addition to getting this incredible photo in an amazing place, I was also gifted an essence statement from my friend Samantha Bennett.. BEAUTY NEEDS NO MIRROR : What does that mean to you?

For me it is the essence of what I do, how I live and how I see.

As a portrait photographer I see the beauty of the soul, in every portrait that I take. I look into the sky and see the beauty of mother nature. I live life to feel joy and bring joy out in others through photography. For me the revelation of that moment in Belize, alone on that deserted island, was that I felt small in the face of the immenseness of nature. I felt as if I was just a speck on the ocean, which I was, but having that insight made me realize that I have to keep doing whatever it takes to share the joy, create beauty and help others rise up and be seen. Let’s be generous to ourselves, be kind to ourselves and get to work!!


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