Every Picture Tells a Story

Oct 17 2020

What’s your WHY?

What is your Why? My WHY isn't that I wanted to become a ballet dancer. Especially, because at 5'11 by the time I was 14, ballet was out of my scope for sure. Photography is what landed in my path and is my why, especially working with People! The human portrait, the personality, the differences ...

Apr 8 2020

What I have learned from being home.

Bob, my husband and I last summer What I have learned from being stuck at home for more than 30 days in a row, without the ability to go anywhere or work at my studio or outside the home.... is GRACE. Grace to be able to stay home and be quiet and not be so ...
Mother and Daughter

Apr 7 2020

Portrait – Mother and Daughter

What inspires me is the special moments that I capture that are spontaneous and fresh. I like to see the strength and beauty of my clients and I love playing with light. Light is the essence of any good photo. In this photo I caught a calm moment with Elle and Riele and had that ...

Apr 7 2020

Beauty Needs No Mirror

Beauty needs no mirror. What exactly does that mean? I went to a women's retreat in Belize in the beginning of March 2020, and in addition to getting this incredible photo in an amazing place, I was also gifted an essence statement from my friend Samantha Bennett.. BEAUTY NEEDS NO MIRROR : What does that ...

Apr 6 2020

My Favorite Photo

Why is this my favorite photo? It has elements that I love, plus I shot it on my favorite camera of all time, the Hasselblad 500cm. I took this with film, I am always looking to match the fantastic color and clarity I got from the beautiful chromes. All of the memories attached to this ...
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