Headshots, headshots, headshots.

Deepa Purushothaman

Everyone needs a great headshot!

Why, you ask?

You need a great headshot because your headshot precedes you in life.  Everyone Googles you or checks out your social media before they meet you, depend upon it!  Using a great headshot is the best calling card you can have.

Who needs headshots? .. oh, everyone!

Are you an actor and need a headshot for acting?  Are you an author and need your image for the back of your book?  Do you own a business and need some photos for your website or speaking?  Are you a realtor and need a headshot for your marketing plan?  Tons of options yet everyone needs a headshot that is specific to their life.

Three things to think about so that you get the best headshot for you. Pick the best photographer, pick your favorite clothes and make sure that they fit and look good.  Get comfortable looking directly into the camera.

First, make sure you look the best that you can,  take a little time to think about what you will wear in your photos so that you look like the professional you.  Make sure you look like yourself and that you match your brand/style and business.

Secondly, pick a photographer that uses great lighting and makes you feel comfortable when you’re in front of their camera, and ask if they have a great makeup and hair stylist available to help you show up looking your best.

Thirdly, getting a really great headshot takes more than taking one photo.  Understand that it takes a little time to warm up and relax in front of the camera so that you get your true personality shining through.  Photography is a craft and an art and I recommend making sure that you pick the best photographer that has a great command of lighting and working with people.  A tip is to make sure the photos on their website matches the type of photos that you are getting in your shoot so ask to see the  back of the camera or the monitor.   Most photographers use digital now so you can peek at the shots to make sure you are on the right path.

Acting headshots are very specific in style so what that means is make sure you look straight into the camera, be honest, truthful and bring your energy.  Wear clothes that fit well, that are solid colors and bring a few options for your commercial and theatrical headshots.  If you are in Real Estate, you will want to stand out!  Dress professionally and don’t be afraid to up-level your look for your photos.  Make sure you take new photos every year or so because your clients see you a lot!

If you own a business or are a founder/CEO you will need Brand Images.  I like to shoot both headshots, portraits and some ‘lifestyle portraits’ in my brand photo sessions so you have a full portfolio of images to fill out your website with beautiful and interesting photos.  There definitely is some planning you and the photographer have to do before getting a brand photo session but putting in the prep work before any photo session will improve your odds at getting your best shots!

Plan it out so that your shoot is successful.  It all starts with a great HEADSHOT.

Notes to Self Socks-Laura Schmidt

Your headshot is the first thing a person sees and within 3-7 seconds has made the decision on whether they will move forward and contact you or move on. OUCH!  Everything is online these days so it is time to make your first impression a good one!  Your headshot is your calling card to the future.  Perception is everything and it matters what your headshot looks like.

Put your best ‘foot’ forward and put your best ‘headshot’ forward.    Go forth and be creative!

Cassandra Petersen

Jeff Bergman


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