New Year, New You!

Welcome 2021!

We have been waiting for you with excitement, and possibly, a little hesitation.  We are hoping this new year will be all new and not much of a repeat of the past. I am very happy to see 2020 behind me, although, I have to say that there was much growth and I did have quite a few positive things happen to me despite the pandemic of 2020.

At the end of February 2020 I had decided to change my biz model up and let go of my big photography studio that I had run for over 25 years.  I wanted to have a clean slate and get some new inspiration and possibly take a little time off. (Careful what you ask for!)  I lightened my financial burden, took time off that I really needed; even if it was more time than I had initially planned on. I found a clearer head and a renewed energy because of all the time off that I had.  I got back into cycling and I learned how to play golf after putting it off for years!! I had the time to shoot more creative sessions and redo my website.  I feel that I have changed so much in just one year that I thought it was time to show that on my site.  The photo above is from an inspirational photo shoot I did with the gorgeous Brytni Sarpy.  November 2020.

I am ready for a new page, a new year and The New Year – 2021.

Aren’t you?


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