The Secret to Change.


Brytni Sarpy
Brytni Sarpy – photographed in Los Angeles, November 2020

“The secret to change is to focus all of your energy not on the old, but on building the new.”   Socrates

What 2020 taught me was that everything needs to be looked at and changed if possible.  The old saying of ‘out with the old, in with the new’, could mean just taking a look at how you have been doing things and making a conscious decision to do things differently.  Do the things that you have been putting off.  I know that I have a few things that I should make the first step into, such as, revisiting my french so that I can speak it more fluently the next time I am in France.

The new could just be a new perspective on the same thing or a completely new business or job.  The new could be listening to that whisper from within and making that first step in a new direction.  I had been using the ‘I am too busy’ excuse to not learn golf.  My husband loves golf.  I was resisting learning a new thing.  2020 released me of being ‘too busy’ and I said yes to some golf lessons and after many months of practice, I am actually enjoying playing golf (much to my amazement).

Let’s think about walking outside the path well trodden, and finding a new way of doing things.  The grass may indeed be greener! Try a new perspective, use your energy this year on creating something new, fresh and completely unexpected. Try walking a new path.

Last November I created a photo session with Brytni Sarpy, an actress who I had worked with previously but I felt I hadn’t had the opportunity to be my most creative. This time the collaboration was to get new brand images for her to use for publicity and for me to make art for my portfolio.  A magical energy formed that day in the session that inspired me to push my boundaries and step into new uncharted creative space and that inspired Brytni to step up, open up and tap into who she was at that very moment.

I believe that it’s some of my best work to date.  The whole experience was beautiful, illuminating and inspiring to this day.  So maybe Socrates had it right.  “The secret to change is to focus all of your energy not on the old, but on building the new.”

Brytni Sarpy

Brytni Sarpy Los Angeles 2020 by Lesley Bohm Photography
Brytni Sarpy by Lesley Bohm Photography


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