What’s your WHY?

What is your Why?

My WHY isn’t that I wanted to become a ballet dancer. Especially, because at 5’11 by the time I was 14, ballet was out of my scope for sure.

Photography is what landed in my path and is my why, especially working with People! The human portrait, the personality, the differences in all humans. That is what I achieve to do, to capture, to create. I love trying to get into the soul of my clients. The beauty, the spirit, and that which I can bring forth from the hidden spaces so we get to see some of the magic.

The reason I am here is to help you.

The hurdles that you have to overcome – to be still, to be comfortable in your skin, to just be, and to be OK with that…. are high… but absolutely achievable.

What do you want to do?


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