Women inspiring women.

I am strong.

I am a strong woman. I have had to be strong my whole life. There has been no one to help lift me up or to hold a space for me to fail, except myself. Total self reliance. Along the way I grew a thick skin and pushed forward and was strong. I chose a very difficult field to work in, a very male dominated one, but one I loved and was born to work in, in which the lessons learned definitely have made me stronger. There were ups and downs along the way and to stay vital I had to grow, and learn, shift and be strong. I had to because, I had a business and 2 children and a life to support.

This is the first time in my life that I am giving myself permission to not be strong. I have to allow myself the break down, the crumbling of the thick skin. Permission to admit to myself that I am just a human being, and that I really have no control of this situation right now, a world shutdown. I thought that I needed to be strong; to make money, to pay the mortgage, to work hard and to show that as a mom I could do it all, and I did. The reason I thought that I needed to be strong, was first and foremost, to be an example for my children, and to show them that it was OK to be strong as a woman and to work and have a family.

I hope that I have been a good example for my children. I know in my heart that I have succeeded in creating 2 beautiful strong minded and self assured women. Sometimes I believe that this was my #1 job on this earth, but also in the big picture I always have been striving for some kind of equality, I love working and I love being a mom and I love learning, being creative and being a leader. We need women in powerful positions all over the world and right now we are seeing women leaders stepping up and using their skills to help and give back.

I admire the women that are helping other women in business and in life; to extend a hand and to teach women how to show up in this difficult world. This situation (pandemic) is hard and it’s making us take a good long look at ourselves, to make sure we are being of service, doing the best that we can and staying healthy in all ways. Body, heart and mind.

There is uncertainty for the future and what it will look like and how we will be moving forward. I am allowing all of the feelings to course through me now as I feel a huge tidal wave of change is coming. So as I prepare to shift and change in my business, I hope that you are making changes and being strong and doing the best that you can. I also hope that you have your group of lifesavers (zoom friends) that are keeping you afloat in this solitary time.

I am allowing myself to have a little pity party right now but soon I will be done with that. As I have always done, I will do now, I will be strong and vulnerable all at the same time which will make me even stronger than I have ever been before.

I am strong. You are strong.

My project (below) is to take portraits of my fellow strong women, women giving back, doing what you can and I applaud you. I can’t wait to meet you.

If you know of a woman who is a leader in her field and who supports other women, I would love to hear about her story.

I am creating a personal project that encompasses that theme and I will be gathering stories of women who are in the ‘arena’ (as Brene Brown says), leading, giving back or just showing up and making it happen. My aim is to create powerful portraits from those stories and put them together to be an example to help other women.

So, if you know of any woman that has a great story, who’s giving back, who’s leading and who’s helping other women, please send me a note or write a comment below and I would love to hear her story, or your story. Right now I am LA based so primarily anyone local to California at this time but as soon as we can move around safely then I can branch out.

Thank you


Photo above of Dana Jacoby

2 thoughts on “Women inspiring women.”

  1. Marcia Beverly

    You are SIMPLY the most perfect human, and I love you so dearly.

    Your perfection will continue to soar, through this, and through the coming months. You will see, something will be even bigger and better than you ever imagined… because you have laid the foundation, and the universe WILL deliver. And yes, your kids are amazing BECAUSE of YOU. xo

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