Women supporting women.

When we can accept and love another person without judgment, we are connecting our true self with their true self on the feeling level. This breaks down the barriers of defensiveness and distrust while reigniting their light of hope. – Deepak Chopra

I have been reading a lot these days and doing some meditating, (or trying to), and I came across the quote above from Deepak Chopra. What does it mean to me? Is it trying to say to me that to bring out hope in people I need to love others without judgment? (I hope that I already do that) And that when I meet and connect with another person I should open up with my true self and if I do that then I can automatically connect with their true self? So, that sounds both amazing and scary and difficult to do unless we were both on the same level. . If all of that happened and we felt safe and consciously opened up then magic would ensue, right? Imagine if the whole world would do that all at once, where we would be. Maybe after this pandemic we will be more open to change.?

In my photo sessions I approach my clients in the same manner, to be open with no judgment and to have an open heart. I also try to hear what the heart is saying and feel the trajectory of life in her soul. I know that sounds a little ‘woo,woo’ but how else do I explain the invisible magic that happens when I really connect with another human being and there is mutual trust and connection? The beauty of my work is that I get to capture all of that magic in a photograph so we can see the invisible, the magic in a portrait. One of the main themes that I bring into my sessions is, to see the best in people; to see the beauty, to see the spark, the mystery, the potential.. In other words, I like to lift up my subjects and see them in the light of the highest level of who they can be.

My mission is to help women empower other women. When women rise in life, in business, purpose, wealth and power then they have the ability to lift up other women. I admire and honor any woman who is doing this. My wish right now is to continue to use my camera to create beautiful images to help guide women on their life journey so that they can show up powerfully and be leaders.

If you have a story of a woman who is out in the ‘arena’ (as Brene Brown says) supporting other women, I would love to hear about her story. I am working on a personal project that encompasses that theme. I am gathering stories of women who are in the ‘arena’, leading, giving back or just showing up and making it happen. I will be creating powerful portraits.from those stories and putting them together to be an example to help women now to help women in the next generation, to inspire all women to step forward. So, if you know of any woman that has a great story, who’s giving back, who’s into philanthropy, who’s helping other women please send me a note and I would love to hear her story, or your story. I would appreciate it. lesley@lesleybohm.com Photo of Crystal Chappell

Thanks, Lesley


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